Morrisons More Card Mystery of Activation Problems

My wife recently applied for a Morrisons “More” card and was issued with a 3 page brochure and registration form to “fill in”.

Having learnt to delegate such tedious admin work to me her husband, that form ended up on my desk – with a request to “activate” the temporary card online.

Morrisons More Card Registration Document

It took me only about 3-4 minutes of searching to finally find the website address on that form – well OK I didn’t find it I cheated and looked at Google. I actually did find the address later so it really is on that 3 page form page but it seems the form designers decided that instead of making it easy for customers to encourage sign ups, the URL of that page would be disguised and almost hidden so that it was difficult to find. That seemed a curious design decision as usually I would have expected a little help from a company wanting to encourage me to spend more money at their stores. – Morrisons More Card – Google

Ok so I did go to Google to search for “ More” which is the exact text displayed on the registration form. The resulting page on Google gave me (top result) and advertisement, paid for no doubt by Morrisons (see image below)

Morrisons More Card - Google Searh Result

I duly clicked the link on this search listing and Imagine my surprise when I saw the page in the image below:


Ok so maybe the card no longer existed either or maybe Morrisons decided to just stop issuing new cards – who knows. Maybe this was why the brochure/registration designers had wanted to hide the web page address.


I decided to contact Morrisons as suggested on the page above and clicked the link (  (green arrow is mine).

To my surprise I saw ………Yes you may have guessed it


Please note there is another invitation to “Contact Us” on that “Help and Information” page. OK so despite warnings from wiser men than me like Albert Einstein, who famously said

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

You guessed it I clicked that “Contact Us” also and the insanity stopped as absolutely nothing happened and the page did not change.

Morrisons More Card Insanity

My insanity is however just small in comparison to a company paying Google to advertise a page that does not exist. Remember Google charges for every time someone clicks the advertisement and goes to the website page. To compound that mistake Morrisons have also spent a whole lot of money printing a brochure style registration document to “help” customers that also promotes the non existent page.

If you have experienced problems with Morrisons website or more card let others know by sharing your experiences – just comment below this post. Maybe we can get a little more help with the More Card from Morrisons



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