Review Of Best Skin Care Supplies Blog


With so many skin care products and blogs around it was with some trepidation that I agreed to review this site. However Best Skin Care Products was to surprise even a jaded person like me. Read on to be surprised also.

Design Element.

Overall the design is minimalist and very easy on the reader’s eye. The navigation is simple and I had no problems finding almost anything on this site.

The use of a dark blue background made concentrating on the important parts (posts and pages) very easy.

My only concern would be how the archives of older posts might be made available more easily.

Site Focus.

There is little doubt as to the focus of this site as the content reveals a huge amount of information about all aspects of skin care. Additional content about health issues and fitness/exercise are apparently also included as they often have a big impact on skin condition. Truly a minefield of information and I will no doubt need to take a closer look at my own practices.


All the site hyperlinks were working when I checked this site. The navigation was easily understood and workable. A big thumbs up from me (a lazy man).


The content of this site (I read only a sample of 10 posts randomly chosen) was very good and informative. This site covers a very large variety of topics all of which are related to skin care. This makes this site perfect for a very large readership with a broad spectrum of interests and problems. There were no grammatical or spelling errors. Overall it left me wanting to read more.

Site Effectiveness.

This is without a doubt going to be a very effective resource of information for all in need of information on improving skin care and seeking help with existing skin problems. All the information was current and up to date.


The about me page was a little lacking in details, but during my phone interview I established that the site owner is very involved with a variety of skin care businesses and also writes about these issues. However as an employee of a large beauty and cosmetics company she did not wish to publicize her involvement with this blog.


OK so what made this site so interesting? Oddly enough it was the Special Offers page, which had a large list of “Free Trial” offers from major skin care companies. Call me a sucker but free is just great for me and yes I must admit I did make use of this page before sitting down to write this review.





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