Review of Natural Anti Aging Products Blog


There are many anti aging products and blogs available on the internet. However Natural Anti Aging Product Reviews proved to have a slant which made it more enjoyable.

Design Element.

Overall the design is minimalist and very easy on the reader’s eye. The navigation is simple and I had no problems finding almost anything on this site.

The use of a lovely golden brown background made concentrating on the important parts (posts and pages) very easy.

Site Focus.

There is little doubt as to the focus of this site as the content reveals a huge amount of information about all aspects of natural anti aging products. Additional content about health issues and fitness/exercise are apparently also included as they often have a big impact on remaining younger and feeling more youthful. Truly a minefield of information, and a great site for all who are starting to feel the effects of being over 21.


All the site hyperlinks were working when I checked this site. The navigation was easily understood and workable. A big thumbs up from me (a lazy man).


The content of this site (I read only a sample of 10 posts randomly chosen) was very good and informative. This site covers a very large variety of topics related to the effective fight against aging. This makes this site perfect for a very large readership with a broad spectrum of interests and problems. There were no grammatical or spelling errors. Overall it left me wanting to read more.

Site Effectiveness

This is without a doubt going to be a very effective resource of information for all in need of information on this very broad subject, and seeking help with existing health problems. All the information was current and up to date. This site like all of us can only improve with age as more articles and information is pposted and made available.


The about me page was a little lacking in details, but during my phone interview I established that the site owner is actually a group of people who are mostly retired. They include one nurse, a doctor, a beauty consultant and others. All however are interested in providing a resource for senior citizens to find cheaper and often more natural solutions to problems their aging might present


This site was modeled on another site owned by one of the owning group. They have a special page for “Free Samples” page designed to help anyone find effective remedies more cheaply. This try before you buy solution really is a boon to all and most especially for those of us on a fixed income. This site gets a big vote of confidence from me and a big thank you to all the owners for their kindness and help.


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